Innovative, non-invasive miraDry treatment. The world’s only long-lasting proven remedy!

Until recently, people who suffered from axillary hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis treated excessive armpit sweating with basic nonsurgical treatments such as prescription strength deodorants, topical anticholinergic products and BTX injections or decided to have surgery. In 2011, Miramar Labs developed the miraDry treatment based on the microwave technology. MiraDry is the only non-invasive treatment which offers lasting relief from excessive underarm sweating and odour without pain, without any side effects and with minimal to no downtime.

MiraDry was cleared by the U.S. FDA to treat axillary hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis and was first available in U.S.A. Now, thousands of patients around the globe can benefit from its spectacular long-lasting results. It is approved for patients over 18 years of age; however, it can be performed safely on patients under the age of 18 with the consent of a legal guardian. While miraDry is promising news for those who suffer from underarm sweating, it cannot be used to treat excessive sweating in other areas such as the hands or feet because the procedure has been optimized to take into account the physical attributes of the underarms.

Say GOODBYE to underarm sweat and odour!

After a single miraDry treatment, you will get rid of embarrassing excessive underarm sweat and odour that can interfere with nearly every aspect of life and be a daily problem for many.

According to clinical studies, miraDry is successful in reducing underarm sweat in between 90-95% of patients. The average sweat reduction is 90% after one treatment that takes only 1 hour!

Comfortable – Easy – Effective

The miraDry procedure is actually pretty simple. It uses microwave energy that targets and eliminates the sweat and odour glands in the underarms region. Since these sweat glands are destroyed, they do not grow back or regenerate.

Here is what happens below the skin during the procedure:


Step 1 – After your underarm has been numbed and is ready to be treated, the clinician will place the miraDry handpiece directly onto your skin, lining up with the temporary treatment template applied to your underarm.



Step 2 –  The miraDry handpiece is activated. You will feel a slight suction as your skin and glands are brought closer to the surface for maximum results.


Step 3 – MiraDry delivers precisely controlled energy to the region where the sweat glands are located and eliminates them. All the while, a soothing cooling system is applied to protect your skin.