miraDry supersedes all treatments for underarm hyperhidrosis and malodour

It is the only non-invasive treatment that offers PERMANENT results, with no pain and no side effects. The method is based on microwave energy, which is channelled through the miraDry device deeply into the skin, where the sweat glands reside. Microwave energy level is precisely adjusted by the dermatologist and it is converted into heat, leading to the complete neutralisation of the sweat glands. Once eliminated, sweat glands are not regenerated. This means PERMANENT ABSENCE of underarm sweat and malodour.

miraDry launches a new era for permanent treatment of underarm sweat and malodour. It is the safest, the most modern and the most popular method worldwide. Compare miraDry with other current available treatment options and verify its superiority.


  • Topical application of formulations to the affected areas: they offer temporary relief from hyperhidrosis and they frequently cause irritant contact dermatitis.
  • Administration of oral drugs: they cause side effects, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, incontinence, and constipation.
  • Surgical procedures: they lead frequently to unforeseen complications and compensatory sweating.
  • Treatment using laser devices: only temporary and not particularly satisfactory results.
  • Botox: only temporary effects while treatment should be repeated at regular intervals.Also, botox does not work on the odor problem


  • The miraDry procedure utilises microwave technology (miraWave), which eliminates sweat glands in the armpits.
  • The miraWave technology allows the selective and precise targeting of microwave energy only at the area where sweat glands reside, leaving nearby skin tissues intact.
  • Energy causes sweat glands’ natural death through thermolysis. Neither chemical substances nor radiation are used by miraDry.
  • During treatment, a special cooling system protects the skin and skin structures below the subcutaneous fat, preventing burns.
  • The miraDry system has 5 energy levels to adjust treatment intensity and depth according to each individual’s needs. Skin thickness does not affect the position of the target area. This highlights one of the inherent advantages of using microwave technology, miraWave, for sweat glands’ elimination.
  • The energy emitted at wavelengths just among those emitted by the LASER proven safe and RF devices.
  • The miraDry treatment uses the revolutionary local anaesthesia application procedure HVA, which makes the process painless, simple, safe, quick and highly effective.

Pioneering miraWave technology

In the axilla, eccrine and apocrine glands (the glands responsible for sweat and odour) and hair follicles are found in high density and varied depth at the dermal-fat interface. Peak temperatures in excess of 60°C throughout the entire volume of target tissue are required to achieve significant and permanent destruction of the sweat glands. miraWave technology consistently delivers energy to the dermal-fat interface, allowing precise heating independent of skin thickness. With the miraDry system, energy is always delivered right where it is most effective.

No other technology allows sweat glands elimination and hair reduction in the armpits with superior results in as little as 1 session.

How does microwave energy act during the miraDry treatment?




The miraWave technology delivers microwave energy at 5.8 GHz. The energy is reflected at the dermal-fat junction and becomes concentrated, creating a focal energy zone.

  • Nearly all sweat glands of the axilla, which produce the sweat and malodour, reside mainly at the dermal-fat interface.
  • Focused heating is independent of skin thickness, as well as of hair colour or skin colour.




Continuous hydroceramic cooling protects the dermis while heat continues to spread down into the area where sweat glands reside.

  • Sweat glands, which produce auxiliary sweat and malodour, as well as hair follicles are destroyed in the heat zone.