Although no matter how big is your underarm sweating problem, you want to get rid of sweat and odor because wet armpits and pit stains on your clothing from your deodorant certainly make you very embarrassed as well as feel shame and experience stressful situations.

Now, with miraDry treatment you live a life of confidence without fear of underarm issues getting in the way. miraDry is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure performed easily in the IQ Dermatology Care office.

miraDry uses a safe technology without harsh chemicals, toxins or radiation and is the ideal solution for patients who  don’t want to commit to any surgical treatment or rely on btx which is temporary and requires repeated, ongoing injections, discomfort and expense every 4 months. Surgical procedures to treat sweaty underarms involve pre-operative and post-operative control, long downtime and may be not as effective as desired.

miraDry uses a novel method that non-invasively achieves instant results with no surgical intervention required. Utilizing an optimized local anesthesia protocol, the procedure goes quickly and is very comfortable. The treatment plan is based on the patient’s needs.



Placement of the temporary treatment grid, administration of local anesthesia and positioning of the handpiece for the miraDry treatment.

You should be able to return to normal activities even the same day after the procedure, without any necessary post-care steps to follow after your treatment or any immediate supervision to be performed by Dr. Tzermias.