Your Life

Underarm sweat and malodour, causing discomfort all year round, are an obstacle in your life. Even if you are in an important professional meeting or you just perform your daily activities, you are afraid that sweat and malodour will betray you, making you feel embarrassed. You may also believe that sweat marks on your clothes have stigmatised you. It is definitely the time to stop the sweat from dominating your life!

Others Around You

“Sweat stinks” is a typical expression of someone who is in the same room with a person with malodour problem. Especially if they see the signs of underarm sweating on the clothes. Both sweat and malodour! And telling someone that his underarm sweat is visible or that he smells bad is not an easy thing, neither it is easy to show them that it bothers you. You may also be concerned that others around you may have made disparaging comments for you.

Your Self Confidence

Interpersonal relationships are really pleasing for all people. Meeting new people, friendships, professional meetings, hugs, and handshakes all constitute normal social situations. But what happens in case you suffer from hyperhidrosis? Do you hesitate to approach other people? Are you afraid you may make a move that will make you feel embarrassed? Are you afraid that your underarm sweat marks may be visible to others? It actually seems that hyperhidrosis affects negatively your self confidence. Stop it!

Your Problem

You suffer from excessive underarm sweating and you are desperately looking for a solution to your problem. Underarm hyperhidrosis does not only make you look bad, have a really bad smell, feel embarrassed at work and in personal relationships, but it also causes unbearable annoyance and discomfort. You have tried out many of the existing solutions and treatments, but your problem still persists, troubling you incredibly! You don’t have to worry anymore. A permanent solution is now available, and it is called miraDry!